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“Understanding & Control Of Your Financial Life Can Be Empowering.
The Right Wealth Management Relationship Can Help Make That Your Reality….Not Just A Goal.” 
- Dan Laframboise

Our Approach

DL Wealth Management takes each client through a consultative discovery process intended to help us identify what truly motivates and inspires them.  The entire process is centered on your core values and beliefs.  The reason for this is that, throughout life, peoples goals change but their values rarely do.  By creating a wealth management strategy that is "values based", it offers you the flexibility to change your goals without compromising the integrity of the plan.  This is the foundation for effectively managing your wealth as opposed to just investing your money. 

Our process encourages people to think past the typical goals of basic retirement and college planning.  While both retirement and college planning are important, once you have determined that you are on track to accomplish them, what's next? 

There is so much more to discover and enjoy about managing your wealth than those two primary goals,but most people are never encouraged to look at a greater, more fulfilling picture.  If you have not gone through the discovery process that identifies your core values and how they should be integrated into your current financial plan, DL Wealth Management Group can help.